Meet the Board of Directors

This is the team of volunteers who help the membership build a vibrant, effective organization, to pursue and enjoy a beautiful art form by learning and sharing.

President Becky Straub (KS)
First Vice-President, Membership Chairman Christine Swanson (CA)
Second Vice-President, Ways and Means Chairman Sondra Messenger (KS)
Secretary Rita Weber (OR)
Treasurer, Finance Chairman Kate Farris (MI)
Eastern District Directors Pat Frost (IL)
Cathy Morris (MA)
Central District Directors Clyde Goering (KS)
Gladys Brockway (KS)
Western District Directors Karen Bell (CA)
Kristen Scholz (CA)
Historian Sondra Messenger (KS)
Gleanings Editors Linda Beiler (PA) Articles
Joan Dulcey (MD) Projects
Bylaws Chairman Judy Laird (CA)
Memorial Fund Chairman Dianne Ruff (IL)
Nominating Committee Kristen Scholz (CA)
Mary Thrower (KS)
Pat Frost (IL)
2017 Convention Chairman Dianne Ruff (IL)
Pat Frost (IL)
Internet Coordinator  Becky Straub (KS)