Gleanings Project Summer 2007 Convention Favor 2007, ©2007 Marje Shook, Photo by Marje Shook

Gleanings Project Summer 2007, Convention Favor 2007, ©2007 Marje Shook, Photo by Marje Shook

Gleanings, the official voice of NAWW, provides news of our Association, a wealth of information about the history of straw folk art, suppliers, tips, hints, advice and articles about straw work in other countries. Published three times per year, it also features projects from our generous members in every issue.

Gleanings represents the diversity of our membership by bringing stories and information from each of our three Districts as well as from our International members.

Gleanings articles in 2015 have featured “Miriam Haskell: Jewelry Designer Extraordinaire”, Weddings and Wheat Art”, “Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival 2015” and much more.

In 2016 we will continue to bring articles that inform, encourage, and educate. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced maker there will be something for you.

Each issue is a straw cornucopia of information.

Gleanings Editorial Team

We have a dedicated, talented editorial team that produces a lively, informative magazine.

Editors Linda Beiler (PA) Articles
Joan Dulcey (MD) Projects
Design and Production Celestine Carey (CA)
Distribution Christine Swanson (CA)
Advertising Peggy Willcut (KS)
Membership Christine Swanson (CA)
Reporters Debora Warren (VA)
Gineke Loman (The Netherlands)